CONNECT Features

Mobile Remote Deposit

Conveniently deposit a check remotely, saving you a trip to the bank! Simply launch our mobile application on your device, select "Mobile Deposit" from the menu, snap a picture of the front and back of your check (ensuing a proper endorsement) and submit it safely and securely to the bank! *Fees may apply as disclosed in your fee schedule. This is a free service to those receiving the benefits of CONNECT Advantage!


CONNECT Me is a powerful personal financial management (PFM) tool. You can connect all of your asset (checking, saving, investment, etc.) accounts and liability (credit card, mortgage, etc.) accounts to see your entire financial picture in one place!


After enrolling in CONNECT, you will have the option to add the bill pay feature, which allows you to pay recurring, occasional, and one-time bills from your computer 24 hours a day.

  • Faster Payment - some payees will receive payment days earlier.
  • Easy Navigation - your information is organized.
  • Convenient Payment History - view your pending transactions or payment history with just the click of a button.


The security of your digital banking experience is extremely important. CONNECT has advanced security woven into the fabric of the platform. As you conduct transactions, the system will learn your behaviors and patterns to enhance the security of your account.

  • When you access your account using a new device, a secure access code will be sent to the phone number we have on record.  You must use this code at login to gain access to your accounts using the new device.

  • Learns your access devices and will prompt for additional authentication or authorization when “out of pattern” interactions with the system are attempted.

  • Available in CONNECT Business:

    • Entitlements are customizable to unique roles at your business and can be modified by an administrator within your business.

    • Tokens are available to further secure your account access.

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