Introducing Brella

Brella App

As an Auburn State Bank Debit Card holder, you have access to the Brella app from either the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.  With the Brella app, you can control the functionality of your Mastercard® Debit Card!

What can the Brella app do for you?

  • Turn your debit card on and off (without affecting previous transactions)
  • Make P2P (Person to Person) instant money transfers
  • Set usage alerts
  • Access balance information
  • Use GPS technology to locate nearby ATMs
  • Send alerts for potentially fraudulent activity
  • Customer Transaction Control - Set up transaction blocks for:
    • Transactions over a specific dollar amount
    • Internet and phone transactions
    • Transactions outside of the U.S.


Click here to sign up for Brella

Click here to find the Brella app in the iTunes store

Click here to find the Brella app in the Google Play Store

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